L. Call To Action – What Else Can We Do?

I very much dislike whiners who don’t offer solutions. If you’re going to complain, offer a solution as I did above. Here’s what else we can do:

1. Do a google and yahoo news search for various types of stories stories, as long as they meet the commitments made in the agreement referred to at the top and bottom of this post, examples I used are “fraud” and “scam,” or “rape,” as well as any stories containing the word “Amway.” Then add a canned comment. Here’s a couple of examples of canned comments I make:

a. Here’s another fraud everyone should be aware of – the Amway Tool Scam. Google “Stop The Amway Tool Scam WordPress” for more information, and forward this information to every non-Distributor/IBO you know, so they don’t get ripped off.

b. Another scam everyone should be aware of is the Amway Tool Scam. Google “Stop The Amway Tool Scam WordPress” for more information, and forward this to every non-Distributor/IBO you know, so they don’t get scammed.

c. Rape is terrible, and Amway has financially raped millions of people: http://www.stoptheamwaytoolscam.wordpress.com

2. Contact the FTC, FBI, your state Attorneys General, county District Attorney, local law enforcement, the DSA, your U.S. and state senator/representative, national and local media, etc.

The FTC complaint link is: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en. I was very active during the Business Opporutnity Rulemaking process, check out this link then search for “Johnson,” those are my comments:

I also submitted comments in 2006 that appear to be no longer available on the FTC website.

The FBI complaint link is: https://tips.fbi.gov/

You can find your U.S. Senators and House Representative here: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm and http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

The 50 state and U.S. territory AGs can be found here: http://www.naag.org/current-attorneys-general.php

3. Set up a conference call, by proposing a day/time in the comments below or by emailing me at stoptheamwaytoolscam@yahoo.com. The normal time for these calls is 8:00 p.m. Central time, be sure to include the time zone in your proposed time. After we agree to a time, the conference number is 641-715-3288 (after March 27, 2019, the number is 605- 313-4831), the access code is 975016#. Dial *67 before dialing the number to keep your number confidential. The only cost is your normal long distance charge to the above Iowa area code, there is no extra charge for the conference call itself. The number is from www.freeconferencecall.com. Alternatively, we can Skype, my ID is texlckbuster.
4. Be creative, and suggest other ideas by emailing them to me.
There are 3 positive reactions you could have to the above information, it all depends on the level of your desire to help yourself and your fellow man (or woman):
A. Good – You learn about the Amway Tool Scam, and will never be taken advantage of by this scam if you have never been an IBO, or will never be taken advantage of again, if you are a former IBO.
B. Better – You do the above PLUS  you also talk to or forward the blog link to your non-IBO friends and family, including encouraging them to keep forwarding the blog link to non-IBO people they know.
C. Best – You do the above PLUS you actively engage with us, and develop more sophisticated methods of shutting down the Amway Tool Scam, including home, personal, and business signage, internet posts, billboards, radio/TV interviews, magazine articles, coordinating with local, state, and federal law enforcement and legislative representatives.
If you would like to go “ALL IN” to help shut down the Amway Tool Scam, contact me. Just email me at stoptheamwaytoolscam@yahoo.com.
Remember: All it takes for evil to win is for enough good men to do nothing.